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Dr. Leland Barry was born and raised in Forest Hills, NY and has been a resident of Long Beach, NY for over 30 years. After High School, Dr. Barry attended Albright College and received a Bachelors of Science in Biology with Honors. Following, Dr. Barry attended the Pennsylvania College of Optometry where he graduated in 1982 as a Doctor of Optometry with Honors. At that point, Dr. Barry was lucky enough to receive a Health Professional Scholarship in Optometry for the United States Army and was the Chief of Hospital at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina. He was rated as the Top Optometrist in Fort Jackson and proudly served for 3 years.

After leaving the Army, he opened two practices, in Long Beach and in Manhattan. He was dedicated to forming relationships in both practices to serve the best eyecare. He is still proudly serving the Long Beach Community for over 32 years. Despite Dr. Barry's busy schedule, he finds time to enjoy the boardwalk and beach with his family, attends Long Beach High School games and events, participates in fundraisers for our local organizations, and continues to work closely with Long Beach Medical.

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